Saachi Marwah Rana is an award-winning designer based in Delhi, India. Her artistic roots can be traced back to her childhood having being brought up around artistic parenthood, the mother is a National Awardee bronze sculptor and father who taught her about the interesting hand made finishes.
As a budding Designer, she trained under several reputable products and interior designers; inspired by history, art, music, books anything that makes her creative juices flow.
She is the blend of the traditional and the modern. Rather than having a signature style, she takes an organic, multi-pronged approach.
It was her relentless passion for design at a very young age that kick-started her iconic career.
Saachi’s globally renowned and ever-evolving style is defined by a subtle fusion of East meets west
intuitively balanced with opulent warmth and yet luxurious.

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At Saachi Rana Designs, we embody a vision of eternal design teamed with love for design that translates into timeless iconic homes.

‘Saachi Marwah Rana Design Studio’ strives to bring to your space, the elegance and chic it deserves. The studio works in all scales and sectors to deliver exceptional designing solutions, catering to clients’ needs and envisioning a future of unique architectural interiors. The team believes that history and modernity, imagination & disciplinee; can and should coexist.We create a beautiful space based on you, our clients and where our stories meet. Varied textures, rich hues, exotic materials and unique finishes solicit a dialogue with spaces epitomizing aesthetic and functionality.

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