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At Saachi Rana Architectural & Interior Design Studio, we embody a vision of eternal design teamed with a love for design that translates into timeless iconic spaces.

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Together with my team, I strive to bring to your space, the elegance and chic it deserves. We create a beautiful space based on you, our clients and where our stories meet. Varied textures, rich hues, exotic materials and unique finishes solicit a dialogue with spaces epitomizing aesthetic and functionality.

We believe that history and modernity, imagination & discipline; can and should coexist.


We also work on our very own product line and continue to cater to our client’s unique imagination.

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Furniture with fun.

Our studio works in all scales and sectors to deliver exceptional designing solutions, catering to our clients’ needs and envisioning a future of unique architectural interiors. 

Our work in the media

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"for me, it's important to build A reLationship and then build homes." 

“I call my house my laboratory. I’m always bringing in new pieces of art or chairs or accessories made by me or other designers. My house is more personal to me. Every room has a different voice and essence to it.

To allow the home’s original architectural details to become its focal point I painted the walls a refreshing white and added colors through furniture and art. My studio is my warehouse filled with an ever-rotating roster of treasures waiting to be placed in one of my professional projects — but they often end up in my own home along the way.

I buy things I love or whenever I travel. I’m a hoarder. I grew up in a home that was constantly evolving, the beautiful and unusual objects, textures, and colors always surrounded me, an environment where everything was always in a state of flux – I’d come home from school and the rooms would be a new color or with a new artsy piece or my father would add another sculpture to our little home.

This is where I got my creative skills and my home had always been a source of inspiration for the ideas which I interweave in my designing and styling the client’s spaces.”

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