How does your #WFH look like?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

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First thing first this isn’t a space where we just talk about the interiors. It might be travel, design and life in general. Well, this is my first attempt to start with ‘blogging’ apart from the picture blogging on Instagram (go follow me on @saachi.marwah & @saachi.marwah.rana) so let me know things we can talk about in this space.

Starting with the introduction, My name is Saachi Marwah Rana – I’m an Architectural Designer by profession, founder of Saachi Rana Design Studio. A self-diagnosed Design Blogger (now), Design curator, advisor and low key design enthusiast speaker. Saachi Rana Design Studio is an influential and award-winning design studio started in 2019 by yours truly and it quickly gained popularity and gathered some loyal clientele among the local and global design community and those passionate about design in any form.

As a lover of maps, I see them the opportunities to tick things off my list. I like to come up with reasons for wanting to visit a place but today lets talk about #WFH and let your house be a place to tell stories. By surrounding yourself with objects and translations of your creations.

Things to do at home instead of Staring at the ceiling!

Okay, so things have escalated quickly whether you are either taking a walk from your bed to the refrigerator at home or catching up on a juicy novel or just having a Netflix marathon – but what else? Its Time to get Creative...

Be your Interior Stylist & Pimp up your Desk!

1. A big plywood board up on the wall or a cork sheet where you can put scraps, drawings colour pallets etc.

2. Add some small plants at your work desk and maintain that Chi.

No matter what your working situation,keeping plants in your space has proven benefits. But since we don't all have green thumbs, we've rounded a few of our favourite, low maintenance, low light, easy indoor plants to dress up your desk. Peperomia, Arrowhead Plant, Aloe, Snake Leaf Plant, Christmas Cactus, Parlor Palm, Peace Lily, Cactus, Orchids

3. A few nice prints with positive words or shots from nice places you’ve been to.

The days are made easier by cute desks to work at. It could either be inspiring quotes or your travel collectives. (I have a few, let me put it up ill show you)

4. Find loads of storage to keep things in order or at least hidden when not tidy on the desk.

You are on your way to reducing clutter, having everyday essentials and gadgets at-hand, staying organised and creating valuable surface space - a ‘command central’ at the home office.

Keep it De-cluttered & Cosy!

What does your Work From home Desk look like? #WFH

Here is some Work from Home desk looks like from not just designers but also entrepreneur’s artist etc.

Saachi Marwah - @saachi.marwah.rana

Devika Diwan - @diwan_devika

Ikrut Kataria- @art_interstellar_

Chhavi Mehta - @ar.chhavimehta

Nupur- @glitterstar_91

Abhi Kalra - @ark.mobility

Sargun Marwah - @sezrahome

#WFH, but make it chic. Show us your new desk setup (makeshift “desks” encouraged!) with #SMRD and tag us.

Last but not least, Make some Anti- Corona Virus Moonshine for yourself and your neighbours.

Heres what you got yourself an idea to what you could gift people lately!

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