The Ultimate ’Boozy Bar’ Brunch At Home The Boho Way!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Missing the warm cozy sun brunch with friends? or the sip of sangria up on your lips ? (Ok, while writing this I actually crave some wine and I opened this amazing bottle of wine. It’s a must Try. For Real )

Back at it and Let's try and bring the cafe or your favorite brunch spot at home?

Imagine planning on eating out for the night or the brunch with your better half or best buddies. You’re excited because you’ve been looking forward to trying out this new café. Your expectations are sky high and you’re anticipating the good times ahead.

These days, people don’t just go out to eat – they go out to get the full experience. Anyone can cook good food in their home kitchens, so let's try and bring the ambiance at home.

Any interior aesthetic is the basic representation of its combined color and material schemes. A nice combination of both can enhance the visuals of your space. A bad one, one the other hand, can make your space seem bland or even boring. Since a café needs to have beautiful visuals to attract the customers, try and create the same at your home.

Create mood lighting

The accent lighting style is all about highlighting certain features in your house interior. They can be feature objects like paintings, setting up your dining table, little meaningful objects on your table or even a luxury artwork.

Colors and materials

The color comes material scheme used even for dressing up your dining area; multi-toned shades of brown with a lot of textures to compliment your food can do wonders. The desired aesthetic for such space includes a decked visually appealing wall in your perspective, a tall bookshelf with some greenery, an earthy color scheme, and simple candle lights.

Stimulating appetite through interiors

This involves designing the interiors with color psychology in mind. Experts have determined that deep, russet tones combined with a golden ambiance unconsciously stimulate the appetite. This is why most restaurant interiors are designed in tones of reds, browns, and golds. So take that in your dining area. Move that wooden console lying at the house and decorate it with meaningful earthy tones. Add a lamp to add to the mood lighting surround it with the plants and play that jazz.

Auditory stimulation of appetite through music

While visuals are always a very scrupulous aspect of interiors, you could always subtly affect the appetite through sounds too. Music is a key aspect in creating that perfectly balanced feel within your dining space. With the right music to complement that perfect color scheme, you could end up stimulating the appetite. If they’re enjoying the surrounding visuals, and are even more galvanized by the auditory stimulation, then they’ll want to get the whole feel of the brunch prepared especially for YOU.

Last but not least!

Decorate that table for a fancy brunch!

Fancy doesn't have to mean fussy, and formal doesn't have to be boring. Keep your table decor stylish but simple to complement the easy elegance of the meal. Your family will feel pampered and comfortable as they gather around your table. Get that fancy cutlery out which you've been meaning to use it for a while.

Bon Appétit!



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