What will be “The New Normal” to remove hostility from hospitality?

What will be “The New Normal?”

Me: “Alexa, define ‘hospitality’.”

Alexa: “The definition of hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

After COVID-19 is in the rear-view mirror, how will the meetings and hotel industry have changed forever? What will be the proverbial “new normal?”

This was the time when Uber, Co-working spaces, hostels, Airbnbs were becoming a part of our lifestyle a new viral guest is in our midst, and I’m wondering how we address this invisible and disruptive reality. COVID–19, and the attendant fear it has spawned, will not disappear easily. Even if the virus disappears, the in living fear won't change go that easily, the whole new level of trust and confidence will be necessary for hotel, restaurant owners, operators, developers, and their guests.

What will we need to do to remove hostility from hospitality?

According business insider survey 8 million restaurant workers are now unemployed, as the industry braces for $240 billion in losses : RESTAURANT APOCALYPSE

The World Travel and Tourism Council projects a global loss of 75 million jobs and over €1.9 trillion in revenue. The question now is, what comes next – what can be done to convince consumers to book again and how to better prepare brands for similar events in the future.

The vibrant blending of social and co-working use will need to be “de-tuned” for a while and the design community will have to force some issues to the clients if not suggested and taken in action easily.

In the same way that past acts of terrorism brought hastily improvised metal detectors and bag checks to the front door, the reality of the post-pandemic world will necessitate some type of intervention to ensure that staff, guests, and reputations can be protected.

Since being an avid traveler and my husband being a professional cricketer, a profession where he has to constantly travel and use public transports, always be surrounded by thousands and thousands of people and live with a ‘Team’ - The word which is constantly fearing us.

From social distancing to a hyper-aware focus on cleanliness, the world of hospitality design and the meetings and conventions experience may never be the same.

Mother nature has simply had enough – she has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we have done ­– and it’s time to reflect on how we can respond to the global catastrophe.

OKAY, So things have started to get personal! Literally.

I’m very curious to know what can be done to solve the issues so, for now, I’ll just list down the things that come to my mind and you can always give me your inputs.

As we shelter in place, seeking solace, normalcy, and comfort food, media-savvy chefs are hellbent on serving it to us via podcasts, social media, and streaming channels and have been successful in what they wanted us to be. This quarantine we’ve become bakers and chef, if not suppress our cravings but learned to make it, buying groceries more than usual.

This reminds me of how people have started delivering Ready To Eat restaurant like food with the pre-made food kits. Kits are commonly stocked with baked cookies, frosting, and sprinkles or the pre-mixed marinating spices - Tandoori, barbecue, peri, etc, etc or par-baked pizzas for home delivery.

Do you think now using the techie forte to distribute meals in a safe, contact-free manner will be the No. 1 thing at least for the fine-dine places who could afford this?

From Robots.. to More Robots!

I mean, of course, we aren't used to it and it won't feel more personal but guess what it would be a necessity now because even if we get the news of coronavirus being over, it will hit us differently.

What about restaurants to automate the preparation of a major food category from start to finish. Does it mean higher quality food at a lower price or vice versa?

*Self-Ordering Kiosks and At Table Ordering

*Restaurants like McDonald's are moving to self-ordering kiosks

*Mobile Ordering

*Checkout System

*Drink Service Automation (Contact-free Ofcorse)

*Point of Sale System

*Diner by Drone

*KiwiBots for delivery

*Bionic Bar

For the takeaways, entrance will be now sealed, with all meals moving through a pressurized transfer chamber. The chamber which will protect the inside of the restaurant from outside air, and has a self-sanitizing conveyor surface.

The word is widely being used ‘Contact Free.’

Maybe in addition to the metal detectors that have become commonplace in the venues, we may have temperature screening or even some form of UV disinfecting that each spectator is subjected to?

Back in 2015 , I wrote my thesis on ETFE foil structures for public spaces , can discuss more about it soon but do you think our restaurant future looks something like this?

Designing F&B spaces has always been my favorite thing to do but every day I’ve been jotting down about the possibilities that would not just be tweaking but a whole lot of CHANGE.

By working with forward thinking individuals, who aren’t hesitant with change, is how we as a whole will come out of this pandemic smarter and stronger than ever.

How will you build your next restaurant?

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